Thank donors for each and every gift.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to increase donor acquisition.

On average, it costs nonprofit organizations about five times more to acquire a new donor than it does to retain an existing donor. Contributions from loyal donors will benefit your organization over the donor’s lifetime more than a single one-time donation.

Thanking Donors
The simple act of saying thank you with a personalized note following every donation that is made is critical for donor retention and increasing the lifetime value of a donor. M3 Toolbox Marketing for Nonprofits makes it simple for you to manage your donor thank you program.

Thank You Greeting Cards and Note Cards

Mailing a personalized thank you card following the receipt of a gift is easy and affordable with M3 Toolbox. Our system allows you to easily batch thank you cards daily, weekly or even monthly by simply customizing your greeting or note card design and uploading a list of recent donors. Your card design can be used repeatedly without the need to recreate with each order. M3 Toolbox will print, address and mail your cards for you. Just a few minutes at the computer and your work is done.
Thank You Card

Holiday Cards

There are many wonderful opportunities to thank donors and volunteers throughout the year. By staying in touch with donors, you will stay top-of-mind when the recipient is considering gifting some of their hard earned dollars. Sending a holiday card whether it be Thanksgiving, New Year, Hanukkah, Christmas, or a generic winter holiday is a great way to stay in touch – plus, it allows your organization to benefit from year-end giving. Studies show that up to 50% of gifts received by nonprofit organizations arrive between October and December of each calendar year.
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Thank You Postcards

Do you prefer a more informal way to thank you donors? Choose from one of our thank you postcard templates. The pre-designed template allows you to customize the card for your organization. Do you have a design you would like to use to create your postcard? Simply upload your own design and use it for your mailed thank you.
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Custom Designs

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our team of designers can create just the right thank you note card, greeting card or postcard design exclusively for your organization. The design will be saved to your M3 Toolbox Marketing for Nonprofits account and will be available for use and re-use at your convenience.
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